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  • Super Mini Cable Knarp 5.5mm x 6mm

    Cable knarp for many uses on cables for mopeds, motorcycles and scooters. Throttles, decompression, etc.  Dimensions: 5.5mm diameter  x 6mm long / 6.88mm including screw.

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  • Bulb 6v 15/15 BA20D

    The BA20D is bulb for headlight and taillights of many model mopeds and motorcycles .  Please compare yours before purchasing. 6v 15/15w

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  • 6mm Small Paper Fuel Filter

    Paper filters trap the finest particles.  Best to run a in line filter on all moped, scooters, motorcycles, atv's, quads, etc.  Catch debris from entering your carburetor and save yourself from a bad day. Height:55mmFuel...

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  • Inner Cable with Big End Fitting

    Universal 2mm inner  cable that can be used on many different mopeds with similar cable end or with use with a knarp. Also works for Puch E50 cltuch cable 69" long.  Cut to desired length.  Long enough for the Rear and Front applications...

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  • M Handlebar *Chrome* for mopeds and small motorcycles

    Classic M shape for the cafe racer sporty look.  The handlebars are flat, but can be angled in the mount to adjust for drop / pullback.  Moped sized, but works well with smaller motorcycles like the MB5, RD50, CB50 and similar. 7/8" 22" end...

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  • Gold 415 x 130 Moped Drive Chain

    415HD Moped Drive chain for most mopeds.  Great quality and dependability.  Gold color for custom clean look 415 type x 130 linksIncludes Clip Style Master Link. You will most likey have to remove links depending on your model and gearing...

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  • Universal Throttle / Choke / Decomp Cable - 78"

    Great universal cable that can be used on Throttles, Chokes, and decompression levers. Depending on your moped, you may need to pick up a knarp to fit on one end. Dimensions:Housing 69.5"Inner Cable 78" Long Tech Tip:  To shorten; remove the inner...

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  •  Bullet Headlight, Non- Sealed

    Bullet Headlight, Non- Sealed

    Finally another type of Bullet Headlight available again.  Non-sealed beam bulb  allows for easy  replacement.  Dual filament style for low and high beam applications. Headlight does not come with speedometer cover or bulb...

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