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  • Mikuni TM24 Flatslide Spigot Carburetor

    High quality Mikuni performance. Great carburetor for many heavily modified applications using a 70+ cc kit . Uses the same jets as the VM series carb. 44mm OD filter mount.31mm OD Spigot...

    MSRP: $148.95
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  • Mikuni VM18 Carburetor

    Mikuni VM18 Clamp on Carburetor

    High quality Mikuni performance in a slightly smaller size. Great carburetor for many applications. Such as the Honda Hobbit when used with the 18mm custom intake. Use the same jets as the TM series...

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  • Mikuni VM20  Carburetor

    Mikuni VM20 Carburetor

    High quality Japanese Mikuni performance.  Great carburetor for many applications. Such as the Honda Hobbit, MBR, NSR50 and many more. Flange mounting style.   Custom or modified...

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  • Mikuni VM22 Carburetor

    Mikuni VM22 Carburetor

    High quality Japanese carburetor for the Honda MB5, NSR50 and NS-1 with 70cc kits installed.  Will work with stock 50cc cylinders, but low end will be sacrificed for top speed. 20mm intake...

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