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Avanti mopeds where created by Mont Motors Limited and located in Rajasthan, India. It was started by Pacco Group  in 1997-98. Mont Motors was the Indian company to manufacture mopeds.  In 1984 they used the designs of the  Agrati Garelli of Italy VIP engine .  Cosmo motors  of Pennsylvania also used Mont Motors to produce the Avanti moped once again and distribute the Cosmo Stinger which was a copy of the Avanti Super Sport

Mopeds produced by  Monto Motors Limited where;

(With Garelli VIP engine):                  

Avanti Auto Power   1-speed               

Avanti Carrier         1?-speed                 

Avanti Mont             1-speed                  

Avanti Kobra            2-speed                 

Avanti Super Sport  2-speed         

Avanti Porta            2-speed 

Cosmo Stinger         2-speed